Announcing the SOS Brigade’s Past Fund

Do you see a pattern here?

  • EA Fund’s Long-Term Future Fund
  • FTX Future Fund
  • Center on Long-Term Risk
  • The Future of Life Institute

I claim that EA funding has neglected a critical cause area: the past.

To that end, I’m announcing the SOS Brigade’s Past Fund (SBPF). I intend to disburse 10% of my pre-tax income to people and orgs I believe have done good work, in the past.

What is “SOS Brigade”?

That’s the name of my personal Donor Advised Fund, because I’m a huge geek.

What are you looking for?

  • Projects that received very little recognition or funding, relative to the impact they have had
  • Projects that appeal to my personal weird sensibilities
  • People who are likely to have good understandings about what to do with the money
    • I’m not yet confident about this point, it might veer too much into “funding the future”

How much will be distributed?

I currently draw a salary of $99k from Manifold Markets, plus I have gains from investments, so in the near term, about $10-15k a year.

But most of my net worth and expected compensation comes from my ~21% stake in Manifold (which recently raised at a $22M postmoney cap); every year I vest a quarter of that, so this represents a 10% * 21% * $22M * 1/4 = ~$100k/year commitment, modulo fluctuations in Manifold’s valuation and liquidity!

(I have not yet decided if this means I should actually commit that fraction of equity into the fund each year, or during the tax year I would have realized the value of equity)

How will this be distributed?

In the long run (3-6 months), via an impact certificate system that I or Manifold builds.

Until then, I intend to give out 5 $1k grants in May just to test out this concept.

What you can do today

  • Apply for a grant by creating a prediction market on Manifold: “Will <X past project> win an SBPF grant”
    • Note: You may apply