EA Software Project Ideas

Funding things better

  • Impact certs
  • S-Process, usable by anyone
  • Quadratic funding where individual EAs participate
  • Bountied Rationality but more integrated

Organizing data better

  • Unified database of people (Linkedin)
    • Could just build this out of EAG applications/Swapcard scrape
  • Unified database of orgs (Crunchbase)
    • Show how much funding each org has, who’s backed them, who works where
  • List of good ideas with significant bounties attached

Network effects

  • A chat system (like Discord, Slack) that everyone is on
  • Job board that is actually good
  • Reverse job board - applicants list their skills
    • Cofounder matching
  • Wikipedia/Notion that every EA uses
  • Polls and voting systems

Doing research better

  • Easier feedback? Public iteration cycles? Talk page for drafts?

Other stuff

  • levels.fyi for researchers and grants
  • Micromort calculators but for everything