Closed vs Open systems


  • Admissions, like Harvard. Gatekeeping, like journals. Selectivity is the name, like Nobel Prizes
  • Most events, private gatherings, parties
  • EAG. Metaculus. EA Funds.
  • Benefits: you can create a reputation or brand for quality, which has virtuous cycles of begetting more quality.
  • Problems with closed: running admissions is expensive. you may miss out on good people, because they don't apply or you fail to identify them. The winners have goodhearted on this.


  • Everyone can participate. Church. Boy Scouts. Wikipedia.
  • Anyone can enter tournaments like marathons.
  • Taco Tuesday, the park, zombie tag
  • Manifest. Manifold. Manifund.
  • Benefits: you can farm, be agnostic about which approachrd are best, let everything grow and then hope the winners carry the batch. Cf black swan farming
  • Problems with open settings: dilution of quality, misallocation of scarce resources, tyranny of doocracy (cf HOA)