Dating Austin (of June 2022)

I didn’t get the chance to go through this rationalist rite-of-passage before meeting Rachel; here’s what I might have written 6 months ago:

About me

Numbers: 27M, 5’10”, 2320 SAT, ~$1m net worth


Creative. Both in the sense of “easily generates outside-the-box ideas”, and in the sense of “actually creates lots of things” — the eras of my life are marked by whatever project I’m working on at the moment.

Novelty junkie. I thrive in unfamiliar situations, where I have to invent a plan from first principles rather than rotely executing a script. This cashes out to loving new locales, understanding strangers, and taking any class at least once.

Somewhat obsessive. I’ll fall wholeheartedly into whatever my attention is currently on. Good when it’s hacking on a new project or organizing a ski trip; not so good when it’s discovering a fantasy novel or online card game.

Emotionally stable. Or perhaps low neuroticism. I almost never get into fights, or express anger at people (I’m a lot more likely to withdraw). I’m fairly self-contained and don’t require much emotional support.

EA & Catholic. My beliefs describe more “how I think about what matters” and less “who I hang out with”. Being good and doing good are my highest values. Things that make me cry: altruism, sacrifice, loyalty.

About you

Female. I’m looking to date women in their 20s.

Smart. Competence is extremely sexy. This doesn’t have to be “book smart”; I admire the way emotionally intelligent people light up the lives of those around them.

Kind. Of course, I’d like to be on the receiving end of kindness myself, but what really makes my heart melt is witnessing random acts of kindness to friends, to strangers, to the world.

About us

Good friends. I’m looking for someone who passes the traffic test, someone with who I can fall down endless rabbitholes as time flies by.

Good coworkers. We should be good at working on things together, whether that be planning a group outing, writing a book, or shipping a website.

Dating seriously. It’s okay if we start casual, but I’m looking for a life partner pretty soon (in the next few years).

Kids, plural. I have 2 siblings, and love them both. I subscribe to the simple idea that “more is better”. See also: Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids.