First Post

Just to list out some ideas for blogging:

  • Things that are currently in my head
    • Onboarding to crypto
    • Cofounder dating
    • Actual dating
    • Being retired at 26...?
    • The virtue of idea modesty (holding your cards close to your chest)
    • "The advantages of Asian/guess Culture"
      • Emphasizing the community ⇒ loneliness & happiness in China/Taiwan/Japan/Korea, multigenerational living
      • Directness vs indirectness
    • Blog: Resources aren't finite
    • Blog: The bottleneck is human labor
      • Q: Is this true? Maybe the bottleneck is: coordination
        • But that's a bit meta. What do we need to coordinate on?
    • Shortening the loop from idea to execution
      • Examples:
        • Autocomplete in search bars
        • Putting your UI side by side with the code
        • Juggling on your knees
        • Surfing vs Snowboarding learning rates
  • Things I'm excited for:
    • GPT-3
  • Things I've done
    • List of projects, starting with Boardless Games