From inside acid

From inside acid

Event: EDC 2021 Time: 1am-2am, during Gryffin's DJ Set Mental state: Two quarter-tabs of acid Location: Sitting on the back bleachers Notes: Typed with two cold thumbs on my phone into Google Keep See the original Notion doc for Austin's comments:

To myself

45 percent different at most Writing down noted for later is the equivalent of being able to do this in a lucid dream Alsoutne experience of being able to type this I'd super cool. Don't thing I'm actually going much faster but I love feeling it... Thinking about Alex and Ida as people who I need to explain this to afterwards, both for good and for bad (bad: record keepers. Good: people who care) - and so quickly. Evil villain to good guys immediately (5m) Ego death...? At least remember thinking about traveling around for plowing Normally I'd never try to narrate my experiences like this...

Take my hand in the middle of a crisis. Definitely 40 percent different And then the hunger... And the stimulation constantly stimulated Glad I get to pass this around and keep it consistent Other feelings: Quan is maybe not okay next to me? But he's thinking the same thing Drunk rambling is super great Why don't I do this more?

Feeling all these things which I'm going to forget immediately I just died But I'll be able to go back and read these Have fun future self

Trying to simulate and stimulate self in the future in all the ways it means... Definitely at a different state of consciousness You'll never have to be alone... And that's all you need to know!!!

Why am I the kind of person to pull out my phone and start taking notes?

Other people... Do this dancing thing which I can no longer capture Could capture more with video??? See the video with me and Quan


Time stamping now anyways. 0100 pretty cool Feeling now grateful to have Quan next to me experiencing these together - tho earlier, wanted to be experiencing things on my own

Definitely won't hold on to this... But it has that same dream state that you would want to pull people into and turn into a cult

Am I experiencing this because of edc? Or acid? I mean my conscious self would have led thsi trek down meeting Quan and then coming here

Backwards like that fking novel look up later pool Ted Chiang not interstellar atrial arrival remember edelignt swlgiht dwlig deleting this moment

Probably nto tomorrow lol good luck

Quan is immeasurably wise for sitting up here instead of being in down there... Thanks Quan!

That was only 6 minutes? No way holy shit Oh fuck it was Love being able to take photos and stuff Good luck with this next video

"I don't know if this is something other people do" "but other people???"

Trying to keep this for myself in the future I'm glad I'm experiencing all of this even if in the future I'll be regretting it a whole ton...

Still super hungry Have fun future - not murderer - but friend Austin! Still got a couple videos to keep this feeling alive in What would I do if I were going to die now?

Oh This is it This story Like literally Tomorrow you're going to be dead And no one is going to be able to tell Except Austin If Austin decides to post this...

Why would he? Oh

Still trying to transmute the feeling right now unto a thin pipe of being writing understanding Wish I had a laptop to type but that would be another excuse I wonder who rzle E is trying to write under these conditions But who CA es

Who cares I'll do my thing This is avou and when Quan fiuged out Figures out that - dj set - gryffin - this super slow feeling

Holy shit Glad I'm writing this down Never going to be able to recapture it Thunhgs go Ng back and forths Slowing down I wonder how pirole people outside are perceiving this But who cares Who cares

Except for the fact that I'm going to die like once this is all gone I'm still writing this? Shit.... Losing the control of the scrub line - ability to scrub things back and forth fk this isn't really helping with write it down anyways Okay now I'm on a trip

Okay m..

Huh... 1:15 for record But yeah God luck good luck

Little bit more than 40 percent different than normal But Okay Memory is so fleeting Fk memory Don't jbow Don't know if trying to capture it is nay better 0118

Defuntiely feels like 20 minutes Or maybe nothilu Holy shit this si still ongoing I'm glad I get to keep going for a little bit longer My hands aren't colde Cold Even though I should be trying to Record a kit Record a lot more down Fi Fk

Who's even on They're doing a great jog job of controlling my perceptions No it's just me 119

Still going Still alive Hm really need it to take a piss and My fingers Are finally starting to feel something Hmm 20 Was that really 1 minute?

Wow crazy The amounts of time perceptions And talking to future Austin Guess I'm not dying That I can condense into a few sections And I can feel myself zh Shivering a bitf From needing to pee or cold or ecstasy Glad I got to write that down But Really shivering now


And super hungry Nice this will still be there And my time bending powers And complete inability to explain to anywonr Anyone Except for This poor Austin Shivering Cold Hobbled By Autocpwm Autocomplete Admit it you were hoping that wd going to happen Bottle necked by data apaviktith Capability Throuput ivve thogt this before But trying to keep it live



What a trip 123 Looking at it from outside I'd be crazy Like 23 minutes Wow I'm feeling the air now Still super sensitive Feeling great Hmm Will I want to read through this

Good thing ts It's hard to delete Picked up good medium

That way For sure Luck Lucky me tight. Right? 125

Okau some of the physical effects are Maybe I need to be the sober one Or maybe not it's fine Okay set it down by 145

Understand what Bill meant not even bill Mike Matt Mike! WHT Mike meant about being gone And then findable In the next few minutes Okay still 50 40 percent


Quan asked if I was cold Ywah more than 40 percent a different person Because ould 40 percent different Austin write this down?

And be hungry? You know 127 good luck piecing this together

Not really feeling my fingertips But Quan and I are both good here 128 Holy what Only 28m And I'm shivering and hungr Huntgyr Hungry And dead And feeling it all

Understand it all Why people are asking for help Am I cold? Bvodoky Nobody will remember this Other than you Austin! Quan is here tripping And I guess this is my trip

Wondering if other people do the same thing They must We must access this all together This state of consc

Conwciosunerss Which I have to remember for later

Only 140 130

Glsd this music is still going Glad for this lack of Autocomplete For this lack of autocorewxt Autocorewxt Autocorrecy Bow typing Now typing autocorewxt is gojng to be The thing I want to remember

Nodding along


Okay Unity

Glaf wrtr Hitting

OH my good God That is so viol

Fk 12 minutes left (02 0133) until we get some care of some kind

Oh God this is so cool Triply Triply Trippy Fk Autocomplete Helojng me forget things


Found my way back Y To Th is This stream of consciousness

So much easier to udnesrating Understand

Sorry not even recording But well have the stories 0138


The stories And time to tell them

Feeling this is

Being conducted Confu Conjured Hungry Connected To everyone Fading away

Still probably another 6 minutes left Until 145 Until check in to something safe time Quan and I can pretend to be okay and understand each oehrr Other I'm actually enjoying This a while lot more

Definitely recording that time Fun puzzle got tmottow For tomorrow Got to take care of needs eventually Cold Piss Sec Sex Light 142

Huh Would it be possible to die now By deleting this note

And it seems like it'd be a fun puzzle

But you're not Gonna do it For the stories And the ability To take a piss . 145


3 more 2 more minutes

Gues iv

Spent the lady 43 total minutes Int On the life On this page

Tomorrow I'll clean it up a bit

And ask) KARTHIK

IF HR CAN HRLO ME FIGURE OUT HOW not to die and not stop shouting tm Shouting at myself

Okay 1 minute

Until 145

And Quan us still Having a food time Good time Me too

And this will be remembered

Shit Arrival Story for tomorrow Tryng To reconstruct Wake up and not die But evryin ej Evtyinf Is just enjoying Feeling it

Okay Too hard Let's dance 145 Safecty Safety check?

Dwwls a Feels like the safety check to yorusefl But now exterbalixef Exterbalixef External Exterbalixef Externalized

Slowing down time Tying Trying to make undelete able I guess I could text someone right now Like Idk if I had internet Who did you think? Alex I Gues This feeling is great

Dwfintley md Don't thinkt Taking my earbud But expressing this to Quan

Wonder what he's feeling Still cold and need to piss b

But also About to die Will anyone cqre? Guess not Going

To help yourself Recotnrcigt Recont Rdcontstuckt 148



Need to exotsd this Exptss this Express this

Defuntiely c Recording


Rwconsteucoyng Reconstructing Through the lens Guess I could try vocie

Having a good time 151 Holy shit that was a minute Okay I thought I got Got it But now I got it Now I got it Good luck future you

And also alive you.

Hungry need to piss Feeling sensual

What the fic fuck

Okay I'm going to say 145 152 ps Past 145 need to pee, need to check on things Time check

Wish I had some Glaf Glad I have skmew way Still alive 154

Yhat wad was a promise to Someone who no longer exists Ego death makes A lot o More sense Maybe

And tomorrowi I'm going to remember Trying to caputew this Egi Sr Ego still alive A It just paused

Who know d?

155 Okay Need to promise Someone Why? Ormosie Promise who? The layer ego Ahhh I see

Well Journaling is indeed Incredible 155 Still alive Feeling things Need to Write things down and conceputlaixrf rehtoaicalixrf it like others But I really do need to go soon

So Vavjba

Back to gh The storya

About someone Who Is trying To remember this Desperately And I guess Quan is watching out for me The same way in watching out for him

It all makes senseth The safety I guess tomorrow I'm going to ask Quan if he remembers this

Are you going to r Remember this tomorrow Conci

Not gonna die yet

Understand it all And can

Undrstsnf The people next to me 158 Feeling it al ll Alll The secret cult of lsd Huh

Can't kmaigne Imagine I would write that down beforehand So glad to beheare Be Here Lucky future Austin

This should be pretty durable Even if in cold I'm not cold I'm hungry m And want to survive

Cult of lsf is Part of this uninteresting Story about this person who is going to die Well probably not Yello Hey Austin!

HI! I live you Love you Love you all 200 holy hell It's 0200

Vanfiwth Bandwit beyerrnd Sensual r Exp rurnces Exvoetn Straw Trying to squeeze a really hidtiv expregince into a thin straw


Trying to capture this is overrated Just od Post this Check with Karthikt That's the inner filter Am I still catholic?

Yes! YeS Yes!

This ain't going to get Maybe it will Checking on Quan 203 Incredibly cold and feeling it all HIs Still alive Twitching a bit Cuz I'm cold Buts Still alive In control, I'd that If that ever mattered But this was great Wrvef had this experience Again And again 204 Still alive Unsafe but Who cares Ego deth Seth Death Stull need to puss Pisd Piss But also kinda afraid to move

Okay Worked for Google I am Austin - this is a super creepy story to be able to tell someone else Still working on understanding the sense of time slip between being in the casino and your physical feelings