Taco Tuesday Classified

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Taco Tuesday is a weekly gathering of folks in SF. This doc is a place for attendees to post requests, for others to read and share. Inspired by Scott Alexander’s classified threads (eg Mar 2023)

To post, you can edit this page directly! Add a line in this format:
[Firstname L @Today]: brief pitch or description

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Include links and contact info if you’re so inclined (note that this doc is shared publicly)

Recommended: Post a bounty as well; can be $ or mana (via Manifold Bounty)

💼 Work/Employment

[Austin C @July 23, 2023]: seeking donors for Manifold for Charity

Want to fund the people and projects who will eventually save the world? I’d love to talk to you. Manifold for Charity is trying out a bunch of funding mechanisms including impact certs and regranting. If you are (or know) a donor excited by EA, longtermism, markets or mechanism design, reach out to austin@manifund.org

More details and bounty posted on Manifold!

💞 Dating

See also Date Me Docs collections by Steve Krouse and Manifold

🏘️ Housing

🤝 Events/Meetups

[Austin C @July 23, 2023] Manifest 2023, Sep 22-24 in Berkeley

Join us for the first-ever Manifold conference! Forecasters and friends of Manifold will be gathering for this 3 day event.

Details: https://www.manifestconference.net/

[Austin C @July 23, 2023] Taco Tuesday, most Tuesdays in SF

If you’re free in SF on a Tuesday evening, swing by for Tacos and meet a bunch of my friends! Find the latest listing on my Manifold account, or ping me on Discord if you want to come.

From a week where we split into teams and raced to solve puzzles:


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