Web is Fun

  • Jamstack is fun!
    • No servers = stuff happens instantly
  • Killer-fast iteration loops
    • Set up your code and your output side-by-side
  • Can send what you build to anyone in the world
    • Everyone knows how to go to websites and use them
  • In order:
    1. Make it work (mvp stage)
    2. Make it fun (share it out)
    3. Make it scale

Sequence: “so you want to make a web app”

is another attempt

  • Target audience: programmers
    • Specifically: employed FTE who have forgotten what it’s like to write something for themselves and ship it
  • Intro: Web is fun
  • Then: Your first app (MVP)
  • Then: Scaling it up 📡Tech Stack Comparisons
  • Con: Maybe this is something anyone who’s motivated can already figure out on their own?
  • Inspiration: Buildspace tutorials