Crypto x Charity

  • Proving that you've spent a bunch of money in a public luxury way

An idea for something altruistic to do: Charity jewelry.

People like jewelry because it is expensive. If a guy gives expensive jewelry to a woman it proves (sort of) that he loves her. And people can wear expensive jewelry to show off how rich they are. But mining gold and diamonds is bad for the environment, so currently jewelry is harmful.

But instead of making jewelry from expensive stuff, you can make it from cheap stuff (plastic or some cheap metal) and still sell it for a high prize. How will men prove their love by giving jewelry from cheap material? How will people show off how rich they are? Because when the jewelry is bought the sale is registered on a website anyone can read. It says who bought the jewelry, how much it cost and optionally who they bought it for.

Also there are some symbols on the jewelry that shows how expensive it is. A ring with one heart costs ten dollars. Two hearts: a hundred dollars. Three hearts: a thousand dollars. And so on.

And the money the company makes off the jewelry goes to charity.

One can try to shift public opinion so people think wearing charity jewelry is moral and wearing gold/diamond is immoral. The prize of gold and diamonds will drop as fewer people wear it. Then even people who don’t care about the morality of wearing gold and diamonds will not want to wear it anymore because it is cheap.

(One advantage of this jewelry is it’s worthless to a thief, since the thief’s name isn’t registered on the website.)

It doesn't have to be just jewelry. It could be things you hang on a wall like a painting. Or you can have things to decorate a car with. Somebody can show off that they would rather drive a cheap car and give money to charity, than drive an expensive car. Public opinion could shift to thinking driving an expensive car is immoral.

You can have a place that is like a bar, except instead of men buying drinks for women, they donate to charity for them. (I doubt this last part will be popular.)

  • EA Coin — would have good branding, probably decent amount of interest in EA from rich crypto people (see: Vitalik, EA Funds accepting crypto this year)
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