Ida's Dating App Ideas

General overview: (semi)automated matchmaking with collaborative filtering on both 3d models of faces and feedback about the person after every date. Automate away swiping, burnout, and the antisocial market forces created by current dating apps.

Major engineering components: face processing. ML learning preferences. sparse ML on personality matching. serious privacy/security.

Major PM components: network problem. research on meaningful markers of relationship skills/compatibility. desired filtering options. spam and abuse and escalation policies. UI/UX

3D model of your face both no catfish and train preferred aesthetic

Several easy to answer quizzes -

big 5 personality

attachment style


life goals and trajectory

act core values

financial habits / literacy

what does someone need to know and what do you offer / pick your ideal partner


Review quiz after dates to better collaborative filter and to identify good users

how close did we get, what attributes need to change

locate users on multi-dimensional relative scale w their rater

penalize lying, escalate dangerous inappropriate behavior

Rater informs us of their priorities and location on the scale

Auto generated date ideas you can pay for, ditto singles mixers with referrals from venues

You enter your date availability with autofill from both your linked calendar and your entered preferences for days/time periods/and durations (maybe app is opinionated about duration)

How much info do you get about your blind date in advance?

Video hello my name is 15 sec

Highlight why our algorithm matched you

Target 1-2 dates per week

How easy do we want to make it to get out of a blind date? Do we offer alternative options?

Do we want a chat feature? Probably. Maybe only opens after you agree to go on the blind date.

"Ghostbusters" feature with a few auto written final messages

Join by having a woman vouch for you, give references for [your-target-category]friends (will require fraud detection)

  • A: Reminds me of Subtle Asian Dating โ€” where you "auction" a person?

Upsell offering of matchmaking services, push notify about specific questions but include counterfactuals and require face to face video check after selection

Self improvement offerings for working on insecure attachment, consent skills, empathy skills, etc -> plus yt videos on how to respectfully approach women, etc attachment style on graph : 2d independence/closeness(proximity seeking) + abandonment anxiety

Plus a quarterly(?) book club with a selection of recommended reading and moderated group discussions



  • Online dating creates a market that forces you to behave antisocially
    • What can you do?
      • Hide the market imbalance
      • Hide the fact that there are so many people
      • Get better at making matches
      • Make people on the site feel the things they can do to improve their odds is useful
        • Right now: to do better, you manipulate people
        • But rather: teach people to be better partners
  • People waste so much time on Dating Apps; have them waste time doing things that are useful
    • Useful:
      • Self-introspection
        • OKCupid questions: lots of questions that don't matter
        • Researching: what real indicators of relationship success are
      • Learning
  • 4 blind dates, then collab filter to get an understanding
    • First couple: We don't know a lot about you, we need you to fill out this info, we'll know about what you're looking for, and can match you better
    • Multidimensional problem: You think this person is less funny, etc, etc
      • Get relative positioning information
  • Market space for high-effort dating
    • Today: Zero dollars or $1000 dollars
    • Database: someone pays to ask around for this specific niche hobby
      • E.g. play badminton, 6', from Alabama
        • We push questions to potential matches
    • Right now: more legwork by matchmaker
    • Need to prevent lying somehow
    • "Decentralized Matchmaking"
      • Could hire some matchmakers, interview people before you set up on the date
  • Referrals: Everyone knows a handful of friends, single, great people, willing to vouch for
    • Austin: Interesting gimmick: you can't sign up for this, your opposite-gender friend has to refer you and spend 10 min writing up an application
  • Set you up on a blind date with somebody: chance you could refer to someone else?
    • Super fun, but moving to new york.
    • Depends on the number of single friends in general
  • More men looking for casual things

  • Social event autogenerator โ€” we have both of your google calendars, we have the events, we could
    • Friend's suggestion: Standard place
  • Accidentally kidnapped: let's walk and talk. But then takes like 20 more minutes
    • Have something scheduled after