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HitObjs should be a combined item?
Edit mode
  • Show snap lines
  • All notes are played and snapped automatically
  • Can drag to move, click to add, right click to delete
    • To delete automatically, options:
      1. Have a reference to parent array, remove
      2. Ask parent array to clean up for us (still needs reference); signal ala Vue
      3. Set "deleted" property locally, which gets cleaned up (or computed out)
        • This one seems nicest.
        • Cleanup at render time? Hopefully not expensive to just loop through...
          • Q: how to have Vue-like computed?
          • Instead of v-dom, we have v-phaser
        • Or: just if-else on "deleted" prop? Not super clean... but we can do this now
          • Clean up in: HO.schedule, toHit
  • Can drop down to "preview/playthrough" mode?
  • Note: UI design says modes are bad... but osu does this too
Play mode
  • No edits, basically what we already have
  • Show links to songs and difficulties

Instead of v-dom, we have v-phaser

  • In Vue: Data is dumb/serializable (POJO), HTML reflects the data automatically, methods manipulate it
  • Goal of v-phaser:
    • Phaser reflects the data automatically?
  • What about composable?
    • HitObject feels more like composable than like Options API
    • But maybe is also just a fancy name for "class"