Mar 15th Launch

v0 launch plan

  • Core user journey
    • "What's your favorite song? Okay, let's make a map for that" ⇒ Done in 15 min
      1. Get Youtube link
      2. Pick some backing beats
        1. Analyze BPM (...? or maybe auto-detect from played notes ⇒ resnap!)
      3. Pick some melody
  • Walk through with 3 friends — organize ahead of time
  • Show blind to 3 friends
  • Then release~
    • Maybe v0 is just "post on osu forums and music games reddit",
    • And pitch to musically inclined friends


  • Tutorial
    • Settings UI (outside of game, probably)
  • Scoring?
  • Visual effects? Hit animations, hit scores?



  • Share your plays with others
  • Name the thing?
  • Auth


  • More instruments?
  • Wider range of keys?
  • Fully customizable layouts?
  • Multiplayer
  • Mobile play

  • Research-y cool tech:
    • Take audio samples and build-your-own vocaloid/autotune
    • Music source separation (vocal, guitar, drum etc)
    • Spectator mode? Streamer mode?
      • Live chat, or webrtc calling? for composing?

Record song/beatmap mode
Need to settle on a file format? Maybe osu inspired?
  • Osu is fairly readable, with:
    • Timing info, adjusted for different songs
    • Notes are just a MS offset. Also have hitsound, etc
    • osu format versioning
    • storyboarding info???
Hit scoring/feedback
  • Requested by Eric
Auto-playback of song
  • Support other song modes
  • Sharps, flats on piano
    Octave range — hold shift? Different row?
    Other instruments: Drums, vocals, winds, strings, guitar
    Hold down key to play note longer
    • Also — "slider" equivalent for longer notes?
    • Maybe other instruments (eg drums) "repeat" instead of "hold"?
Automatic beatmap formats:
MIDI - Notes correspond to music; wide variety of quality?
Youtube - most general/exciting, but long path + manual timing
Osu/Osumania - lots of quality timed songs. Notes don't correspond to music exactly, but maybe fun to make music anyways?

Fix reload on save — take 20 min to investigate
Push online - http://pianosu.netlify.app