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Logistics idea

  1. Trucking is very fragmented, race to the bottom
    • Hypothesis: continue to be fragmented
  2. People will want their stuff quicker
    • Get your things in less than 30min (eg Instacard, Amazon)


  • Trucks are gonna have less time in fulfillment centers
  • Fixed costs are very high; it's gonna be more pricey to ship more trucks in fewer
  • So maybe: point to point, use cheaper trucks F150 for 1/10 of cost
    • But: turns out cost is less important than reliability; 5-10% cheaper
    • Talked to a lot of people in the trucking industry (people who have done it — flexport, PE, who say reliability)

Peter's thoughts

  • Criticality — who is providing the most value?
    • "Anyone can come up with a game"
    • Hard work in starting a company is what comes up on the sheet of paper
    • Pay more: DIY inventor's kit — the implementation is kind of valuable
      • About what you can stomache, and where the criticality lies
  • Digital
    • Much cheaper
  • [Peter] Are there existing models, where someone took a board game, and repackaged it, and sold it
    • Avalon, Werewolf,
  • Board Game platform:
    • Fit, excitement
    • Objective criteria around market size, number of users, highest cap for valuation
      • Board game space may not hit all of that
      • Not the thing with the highest conviction of
  • OnDeck: No equity accelerator
    • Equity-taking is a good step
    • Lot of people aren't that serious about it; or come in with an idea but haven't done much
    • 250 in the cohort
    • Useful: network. Meet a lot of people, there's a lot hanging on Slack;
  • Market size analysis
    • Top down
      • How much are people spending on board games today?
      • Multiplier from the video game industry?
      • Of this $12B — who would be interested in customizing
        • DoTA, or LoL
    • Bottom up
      • Competitors — how many people are on their boards, their search results, play with their fraction game
      • Hasbro vs this competitor
    • Best: find someone who has been in the industry, talk to them
    • $12B industry
    • Trucking:
  • Monetization, business model, how this gets paid?
  • SaaS — seems like an event
    • Really grow an online community
    • Opportunity to connect with people, in a digital way, that's more meaningful than just doing a facetime call
    • Action Item — Experiences
  • Platform:
    • Nice thing: lots of people will deliver the value for you
    • Drawback: opinions about which games may not come to pass
  • Peter would be much more compelled to build experiences, as opposed to
  • Online experience, saas model, subscription
    • People are coming back for 8 months, for a game
    • What if you just added more social stuff, so they're getting recurring value?
      • Maybe that's the 10x!
  • Dropbox
    • Steep drop off in month 1 to month2
      • 50-60% will churn
    • The curve is fairly good — get them in the door, stick around for a bit