Peter's Web-Based DAW Explorations


  • What's the SIMPLEST online production tool?
  • What needs are people using it for?
  • Do Reddit or Quora search on what people are struggling with in each of these
  • Make Twinkle Twinkle Little Star




TLDR: Vertically-integrated music production & consumption platform https://www.audiotool.com/track/e899i8h5nf/

  • Community is on the margin, maybe 1% of Soundcloud
  • Sample stuff form others in the community, compare tracks
  • Built off modular tools, big skeuomorph off analog tools
    • This is actually pretty tough to understand
    • Eg. TR808 drum machine — it's a real thing
  • Tries to be as beginner-friendly as possible
    • Premade sample loops, way more advanced that what FL Studio has. Maybe Ableton?
    • Machiniste (drum loop) doesn't even go past 4 beats — have to toggle windows for that
  • Training wheels for analog.
    • Is this actually effective? People say you only need a DAW and headphones + midi keyboard — why all this other stuff?
    • Understanding how synths, drums —> mixers —> whatever
  • Resources are hard to find. These guys aren't large enough to google basic functionality.
  • My track: https://www.audiotool.com/app/#/bbos029v
    • A direct link
  • Playlist, piano roll, note volumes, are the same. Velocity controls, etc. it's all there
  • Doesn't appear to have changed much in 3 years. Outdated tutorials appear relevant still




  • Collab & co-editing, but no social. Kinda reminds me of Dropbox web UI
    • How does it relate to Spotify though?
  • Used for school assignments — what?
  • Subreddit is 2x that of Audiotool
  • Bought by Spotify in Nov 2017. They're Swedish. Looks like an acquihire
  • Paid pricing model. Not freemium (free trial w/ cc)
  • UI the BEST I've seen
    • Selection is limited, but generally solid. Grand piano sounds pretty great.
    • Super easy to record with an actual computer keyboard
    • Lots of option, but clean UI, not overwhelming, all seems pretty good
  • It's a little overdesigned, though
  • There's some crazy stuff "AI Generator" can generate a fill for you
  • No tutorial necessary! This is probably why they use it for class...
  • Two types of creation: Music vs. podcast
  • image