Producing with FL Studio

First Impressions 05/04/2021 1:53AM

  • This is pretty cool stuff! "Knock Me Out" demo track — danggg that's a lot of layers!
  • What's the deal with plugins?
    • Plugins are just sound effects with their own specific function. Each one has its dialogue box that you can use.
  • "FL Keys" plugin on the computer
  • Usability bad. Basic functionality not well described -- how to copy & paste blocks, how to loop


  • Playlist layout and "Channel rack" feels intuitive. Everything is 4/4, it's all laid out visually. Democratizing sheet music / music knowledge
    1. image
    2. The advanced knobs and such are terrible, though
  • Youtube tutorials generally are dece, but there should be better ways to drag things around


Pain points