Quan ‣

Vimium plays badly with this

Tried space for pause

Expected missed keys to flash

Intuited "green or something" if I missed

Color spectrum based on how far off

Play on hard mode -- 2nd or hardest mode

Shooter - most difficulty

Do I get a score -- motivated by scores

For Quan: Six keys would be easier

More difficult parts: things are coming down, having 9 things is hard to chunk

4 and 4, three and three

Quan thought -- some eighths, press regularly to the rhythm, notice that it was off a bit. consistently off. not sure -- is it me, or is it this


Loom -- messed up webaudio

Tone still producing really high sounds

bored high school student

notice - input to keys was different

there's touching a key and pressing a key

keystroke -- think about initiating and not bottoming

press bump on keyboard