Web DAW exploration: Bandlab

  • Standard sign-up flow, no worries there
  • Built in chat โ‡’ Collaborative features?

Adding a sample

  • Samples tab โ‡’ really easy to drop in a random sample
    • Problem of choice: lots of samples, hard to know which to pick starting out
    • Also for instruments: not really sure which to pick, overwhelming options
  • Intuitive drag controls to manipulate sample
    1. image
    2. Helpful iconography to lengthen, shorten, repeat the tracks
    3. Also easy to undo/redo in UI (without even needing ctrl+z) โ‡’ playful
  • Editing a sample:
    • Easy to pitch shift and change playback rate. Which is all I really wanted!
      • Annoyance: want to shift the playback rate to an exact decimal amount, but it only goes +/- 0.1
  • Easy snap to beat for dragging samples

Midi Instrument (piano/vocals)

  • Spent some time jiggering back and forth, trying to get a consistent beat and playing in tune to it
    • Might have been better to just use metronome
  • Not super happy with the result, maybe because it wasn't synced

EDM pad

  • This was the most fun! 4x4 keypad to play around with, made me feel like Shawn Wasabi
    • Recording was a bit stressful, felt like my music before recording was better (while just playing)
      • Maybe you should always record and can just rewind and play back!

Other UI things

  • Nicety: Tap to set BPM
  • Right click gives lots of nice ooptions
  • Even has different theme colors!

Misc thoughts

  • Layering/tracks in music composition reminds me a lot of photoshop: working on different things in isolation
    • Lots of shared concepts between photo editing and audio editing. Some differences
    • e.g. missing undo/redo stack


  • Uploaded the Bandlab song
    • Mastering experience looked kinda cool! Though wish there was a preview so I knew before/after,
    • Spoke too soon! Mastering makes everything sound cooler apparently, dialed that to 100%
    • Oh it's a paid thing. Lol. Pretty good sales tactic, though โ€” and now I almost want it