Web DAW exploration: Soundation

  • Try for free takes to tiered landing page
  • Starting a project with EDM template
    • Sounds okay, but not obviously tweakable
  • Looks more intimidating/advanced than Bandlab; more dials I'm unfamiliar with


Same controls as Bandlab to drag, but much less obvious UI (had to hover to find out)


  • LOTS of options!
  • image


  • Virtual Keyboard is used again for drum set, but not as obvious/nice as Bandlab's UI
    1. image
    2. But figured it out fast enough I suppose - just the left side of the keyboard


  • Couldn't guess what a lot of symbols meant, and no hover information
  • Export seemed bugged
  • Realized we're not testing the MIDI input function through virtual keyboard/keypads; that's probably also a big part of the usage