Project Starter Template

Name: Saas Starter Pack

Time: 2h to build this

Built ins for new projects:

  • Vite
  • Firestore database
  • Firebase auth for login
  • Stripe for payments

Developer Experience:

One Word uses:


  • CSS Frameworks: Bulma vs Tailwind
    • Would like to have default nice-looking styling, but not have to configure every button from scratch...
  • Install: pnpm vs yarn?
    • More used to yarn, but Vue3 is moving to pnpm?
  • Base: Typescript vs JS?
  • Plugin/library approach vs template
  • Firebase vs Supabase...?
  • GraphQL support.....?


  • Move firebase rules to repo?
  • Analytics?
  • Actually good out-of-the-box emailing solution
    • Looks something like: write a bunch of markdown emails locally; get triggered in response to certain actions
  • ESLint?


  • Completely serverless
  • Superfast
    • Quick iteration loops
    • Debugging should be easy
  • Built on amazing services
  • Pitch: Write your frontend app. Then sell it.
    • Most web apps have a fairly simple conception of:
      • Landing page (marketing team)
      • Actual app
      • Payment rails
      • Email rails
  • Minimum viable best practices! So no:
    • Database separation
    • i18n?
    • mobile support?