Social media previews-as-a-service


Anything that wants to be shared, wants a good social media preview

  • Getting a full image card is so much more attention-grabbing then just a plain link

But dynamically rendering this stuff is kinda annoying. Everyone does this individually.


  • Base: Generate a text card that has the title of the site
    • Then: Add your logo and colors
    • Then: customize with page preview???


  • ??? Can we just link to


  • Who’s the target audience?
    • Completely nontechnical?
      • Extension for e.g. Wordpress sites?
      • Shopify? Squarespace?
        • (These probably already have this problem solved, but todo verify)
    • Technical but too busy to do themselves?


  • This product be really viral with watermark (piggyback on all sharing), the way Intercom is viral
    • Add a watermark that says “generated with cardify”
    • “previewify”?
  • Fairly compelling business model:
    • “Make your site more viral”
  • Could provide analytics on top of this?
    • If we can track redirects. Maybe not.

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