• For running this very blog
  • Inspired by and
  • Alternative:
    • Cloning and then modifying it to render nicer-looking emojis
      • Or maybe the emojis already look good enough on there?
  • Hackathon:
    • Main benefit: Learning more about Nuxtjs (why SSR?)
  • Overarching question: "I'm a Vue dev, why should I use Nuxt for my project?"
    • Guesses: Faster render times for pages? Better SEO?
    • Is it a tradeoff between dev happiness (Vue) vs user speed (Nuxt)?

Dev notes

  • [2:17pm] Installing Nuxt via https://v3.nuxtjs.org/getting-started/installation
    • Had to upgrade node on Windows from v16.5.0 to 16.13.0, ugh
    • [2:21] Cool, seems to be working and using Vite
    • [3:49] Hm startup time leaves something to be desired compared to pure Vite
      • Feels more like 10s than 1s. But refresh loop is fast anyways...
  • Playing around: Wow, so server.mjs is generated with the default code?
    1. Index.vue (source)
      server.mjs (built)
    2. Q: Hm, how does this differ from Vite's behavior?
  • Intermediate plan: Try migrating to Nuxt3?
    • Q: How does vue-notion work?
    • [3:03] Getting distracted by blogging stuff. Taking a break, then back to "vue-notion on nuxt3", probably with MVP and then some copying.
  • [3:32] How to actually fetch data from Notion?
    • vue-notion claims to use — not the official Notion API?
      • Yeah, it seems to have its own cloudflare worker here
      • So does react-notion
    • react-notion-x uses... its own client library
      • But also based on the private Notion api (notion.so/api/v3/, open) vs the public Notion api (api.notion.so, requires registration?)
        • Risk: Notion changes their API and my site breaks
Get one basic Notion page rendering on Vue (1h)
  • Just using Vue3, no Nuxtsense (nuxt nonsense) for now
  • 🧿Test Notion Page
  • Front page of Austin's Blog is all collections... Maybe this exact page instead.
  • Changes:
    • Get rid of Vue-Fragment
      • Not needed in vue3!
      • Cutting Prism for now, otherwise have to install it as a peer dependency
[4:09] It kinda works!
  • But lacking: Title, Emoji, Formatting as whole notion page
    • Want there to be 1:1 correlation, so WYSIWYG
    • Derp. Just needed to add fullPage element. Success!
Migrate more of vue-notion to Nuxt3 (1h)
  • Turns out copy+pasting gets you all of it
  • But it's just Vue atm, if I understand correctly
  • It's also just a single page, doesn't do the whole linked, router things.
Render two pages using Nuxt3
Copy over collections from react-notion-x (2h)
  • Alternative idea: Capture Notion pages as HTML, and serve that
    • Someone at Notion should just offer this as a service, they already have the renderer set up