Improvements to Taco Tuesday


  • Bring a friend
  • Holiday themes (July 4th)
  • Cuisine themes
  • Costume party, dress as someone else
  • Potluck
  • Bring an ingredient
  • Chatgpt recipe
  • Weird tastes
    • Miracle Berry
    • Random sodas
    • Try out different flavors/flavor grid
    • Cooking


  • Speed dating [x1]
  • Board games [x1]
  • Lightning talks [x1]
  • Deep questions [x1]
  • Book Swap [x1]
  • Puzzled Pint [x1]
  • Article review (eg most important century)
  • Movie night/youtube playlists/music sharing
  • Writeathon, drawathon, crafts of other kinds
  • Jeffersonian dinner
    • Scott’s on prediction markets with Nate Silver was great
    • Though perhaps antithesis of Taco Tuesday
  • Show and tell


Better "getting in" system with front door code
  • Host with other people?
    • “Oops it’s time to overthrow the organizer day”
  • Encourage specific foods


More ideas

Taco Tuesday ethos

Taco Tuesday is a group event! Ways you can help

  • If you want to help cook, come at 6:30
  • Bring snacks, or drinks
  • Help clean up during the event

Taco Tuesday is lowkey.

Taco Tuesday is welcoming. No guest lists or anything, you’re always invited!