Polyfold: Incentive-aligned dating

  • People already put in a bunch of work to filter out matches and stuff
    • When you pay in-app, your payment goes to the company, not the person you're trying to woo
    • History: what apps have been built around an explicit payment mechanism?
  • See also: donating to favorite charities

Polyfold Sketch @June 4, 2022

  • Sign up, pick a charity to sponsor (eg Against Malaria Foundation)
  • To send X a message, you send $1 to their charity; then they see the message and can accept or decline.
  • When you go on a date, and you don’t want to continue: fill out a few sentences about why. If they want the feedback, they send $10 to your charity.
    • They can also choose to publish the feedback on their profile
  • Stats: message to date ratio.
  • After dating: Swap contact info
  • Had a good date? Yay!

Discussion today

More on Matchmaking Bounties
  • Yelp for boyfriends

Starting point: OKCupid-like instead of profile-formation

  • Rate other people
  • James: Fill out a custom questionnaire
  • Automated matchmaker
  • For every person that you fill out a questionnaire, then you get one match

Inspiration/Prior Work