New Vue apps


  • There are a lot more micro-apps that I’d love to release. How can I make that happen?
  • Overhead of publishing a new project
    • Picking a stack
    • Naming
    • Creating a git repo
    • Setting up hosting
  • I’m currently leaning a lot on 🚕Project Starter Template


  • Some end-state where launching a new app is as simple as creating a single .vue file, and pushing to Github
    • Kind of like the new page experience that Next.js offers
      • Maybe Nuxt.js would work?
  • Tradeoff: All one stack vs customizable
    • E.g. Vue vs React (vs... Svelte?)
    • I actually really like playing with new frameworks, I think... ooh shiny
    • Customizable allows for network-type or marketplace-type things
      • Auth, payments, etc
    • Maybe out of scope for this